Monday, April 9, 2012

Found Foote Photo #7: Girls on Bikes

Winnipeg's Fred Knight emailed this photo of a group of bike-riding girls on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislature on Broadway in late January.

Now that we're (mostly) into cycling weather again, we thought it was prime time to share this's what Fred had to say about it:

"Now it is quite obvious that this is a somewhat posed picture I seem to recall a recollection by Gloria (my wife) that this gentleman stopped and asked if he could take their picture.

I don't know why they were at the Legislative grounds as no doubt these girls came from all over the city.

I only have knowledge of three girls (deceased) from the right # 2 Phyllis Hiley married Jim Armstrong (d), # 3 Gloria Chapman married Fred Knight, # 4 Marie Escaravage married William Roberts (d).

Phillys and Gloria were in the employment of the War-time Prices & Trade Board so stands to reason that this would befall on some or all of the others.

It sure is interesting to note the change in casual attire. Something has been lost over the years...

Take Care!"

- Fred Knight

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  1. a perfect picture for the Winnipeg Tweed Ride...


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