Thursday, July 12, 2012

Found Foote Photos #10: Foote's Neighbour

"This is my father, who is standing in our front yard at 494 Gertrude Avenue.

The house to the left is where the Footes lived. Their daughter Norma was brides-maid in my sister’s wedding party in April 1953.

My father, Martin Toth, was in the army reserve during WWII. This picture, I assume, was taken somewhere during WWII.

My father always kept a beautiful garden and many people would compliment him on his gardening talent.

If you look closely, you’ll see no. 492 above the door of the Footes’ front door.

Yours truly,

Barbara McDowall
Pinawa, MB

p.s. This photo was taken from an elevated position. What would he have used to do this? Just wondering…."

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