Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Found Foote #14: Winnipeg Press Club

As I've noted elsewhere on this blog, during the process of putting together this book, we were contacted by many individuals and organizations, all eager to share images/resources.

Of course, during the hubbub, one or two of these communiques were, ahem, missed.

Like this obit marking Foote's death in 1957, sent back in January by Wendy Hart, VP – Admin & Communications for the Winnipeg Press Club.

Here's what Wendy had to say:

"Attached is a short Lewis Foote obit that appeared in the Winnipeg Press Club’s annual Beer and Skits program from 1958 (April 26/58). It appears to be a more or less a condensed version of the obit from the Tribune (which was probably written by a press club member), but perhaps it is useful to have one from a different source.

As mentioned in the piece, Foote was a charter member of the Winnipeg Press Club.

The WPC was established in 1887, while Foote was still living down east. 'Charter member' in this case is in reference to the year 1922, when a group of approximately 25 newspapermen (including Foote) signed on as charter members and for the first time drafted a formal constitution for the Winnipeg Press Club.

His fellow members in 1922 included such colourful figures as John W. Dafoe, George Ham, Hay Stead, A. V. Thomas, Jack Sifton (son of Sir Clifford), A. E. Coo, Frank 'Never Break' Turner and Nate Zimmerman."

Our thanks/apologies (cough) to the Wendy and the Winnipeg Press Club!

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  1. Thanks for this Wendy. It' good not to lose track of this pioneer of news photography. It would be interesting to see what he was shooting in 1901 before coming to Winnipeg. I guess I'll have to buy his book. Thanks again to "the Wendy"!


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