Friday, May 4, 2012

Found Foote Photos #9: terminology

So why did a bunch of gentlemen involved in the construction trade call themselves The Mechanic’s Club?

Joanna Effler has an answer for that too:

"It is speculated by the grandson-in-law (Barry Effler) of Vernon Ferris Bolton that in the particular time frame that The Mechanic’s Club would have come into existence, automobiles were still quite new and not quite so commonly seen as now.

In today’s world, when your car or vehicle is broken or in need of maintenance, you take it to your local mechanic for service. There were no mechanics as we know them now back then. But when a builder was to put a lien on a property they were working on, it was called a mechanic’s lien. The term mechanic was originally used when referring to the construction industry."

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