Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hey all, Cheryl Miki, UMP's Sales & Marketing Supervisor, attended the spring sales conference in Toronto this past week.

At this event, she meets with UMP's sales reps - the lovely folk at ampersand inc - and lets them know about next season's books, so they can pass along the information to bookstores.

Cheryl creates information kits about each book as well as UMP's Fall and Winter 2012 catalogue specifically for this event, but she also sometimes creates ARCs.

ARCs, for those of you not in the book business, are Advance Reading Copies.

If they're intended for reviewers, they'll be an exact replica of the finished book but with a slightly less fancy cover.

If they're intended for booksellers, as UMP's are, they include a sample chapter and/or the book's introduction with the cover as it appears in the catalogue.

Our Foote ARC had to include some photos, though of course they're nowhere near as beautiful in the ARC as they will be in the finished book.

It also includes Esyllt Jones' introduction to the book accompanied by some of the photos she discusses in her essay.

I wanted to share these pics a) because it's another step closer to holding the book in my hands and b) because ARCs are so...adorable.

Ariel Gordon
UMP Promotions/Editorial Assistant

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