Friday, August 31, 2012

Found Foote Photo #13: Labour Day!

"As an avid collector of early Winnipeg & Manitoba postcards, I am always on the alert for L.B. Foote’s 'real photo' postcards.

I have only run into a handful but was thrilled when this one crossed my path just recently.

Early postcards of Stonewall, MB are also very hard to come by, so I was particularly thrilled to find this doubly-rare card!

According to the caption, it was taken on Labor (Labour) Day in 1913. Back then, parades were a major component of Labour Day celebrations in many, if not all, communities throughout the nation. It appears as though Stonewall was not an exception to this. The eclectic gathering captured in this photograph is obviously a collection of some of the decorated bicycles, automobiles and horse-drawn carriages that appeared in the town’s parade that day.

Stonewall’s train station appears in the upper left corner. I believe that the hexagonal structure to the right of the station is likely a water tower for steam engines.

The image itself covers only about ¾ of the front of this postcard. This particular postcard was never used/posted – or the blank area, as intended, would have been filled in with a message from the sender."

- Rob McInnes, Postcard Accumulator and Purveyor

* * *

The best part of doing this blog and this book is when people like Rob McInnes start sending you their Foote-related finds...

This came in yesterday, on the eve of the Labour Day weekend. I just had to post it!

Happy Labour Day from everyone at UMP!

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