Thursday, August 2, 2012

SNEAK PEEK #8: Proofing!

This week, Doowah Design's Steve Rosenberg sent the interiors of Imagining Winnipeg to Friesens.

UMP Director David Carr and I worked intensely on the proofs over the last ten days, checking for errors and omissions in addition to ensuring that that our design and layout choices were consistent.

We looked anxiously at each other and asked questions like:

"Do we have periods after all the source info in the captions?"

"Do we have hyphens between all instances of 'early-twentieth-century'?"

"Esyllt uses 'blackface' all-one-word in the introduction. Do the captions to those photos use the same spelling?"

Most of this necessary nitpickery took place at UMP's offices at the U of M, but on Tuesday afternoon, we traveled to Doowah's downtown offices for a final look-see.

This diptych shows David scanning the Esyllt W. Jones' introduction ONE LAST TIME in Doowah's board room.

(Please note all the UMP titles on Doowah's trophy addition to the eminently recognizable posters for Keanu Reeves' 1995 turn in 'the Scottish play' and the RWB' 1998 production of Dracula.)

Ariel Gordon
UMP Promotions/Editorial Assistant

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