Monday, February 13, 2012

Foote note #6

So the University of Manitoba Press does banners for the entry page of its website.

The banners are advertisements for the current season's books, one per book.

It's hard work, boiling down a book to a postcard-sized square, something that will entice visitors to the site to check out that particular book.

Since the summer, it's been my job to create them.

Like Cheryl Miki (UMP's Sales & Marketing Supervisor) before me, I usually use images from the photo sections of the books or, if a book doesn't have a photo section, something that plays off a related visual concept.

Doing a banner for this blog was difficult in that there were SO MANY CHOICES even just considering the photos we've used ON this blog, nevermind the hundreds of images we have scanned for use in the book.

But this photo has stuck with me. There's something about the faces of these babies, how very raw they are, knowing that they're probably dead and gone by I thought I'd try it.

(Which I suppose makes it MY Favourite Foote Photo.)

Having recently watched Jeff McKay's documentary on Foote, I appreciated how he zoomed in on the photos, so I thought I'd use a detail instead of the entire photo. And although you have to be careful with hand-writing fonts, I've been looking at Foote signatures on photos for weeks and WEEKS now and thought it was an interesting element to include.

Ariel Gordon
UMP Promotions/Editorial Assistant

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