Thursday, February 16, 2012

Found Foote Photo #4: Regalia!

As was mentioned in the previous post, in addition to her Foote photo Joan Lyons brought in a few pieces of her grandfather’s AOF ensemble: a medal and a ribbon that proclaimed that he belonged to Court Excelsior, No. 6898.

Interestingly, the teal ribbon could be turned over to reveal a black version, presumably for attending funeral services when a fellow member died.

Sewn between the two ribbons was piece of cardboard printed with the following:

Jas. C. McQuade
Society Regalia

Badges Banners Seals Stamps Etc.

Manton Block
Winnipeg, Manitoba

It seems surprising that a business could exist solely on the basis of selling regalia for fraternal and friendly societies...until you read biographies from that era.

For instance, Winnipeg’s Frederick McArthur, who was a lawyer and a member of the AOF from the same era, had the following affiliations:

“He was a member of the Ancient Free & Accepted Masons (Past Supreme Master at Arms, Ancient Landmark Lodge), Knights of Pythias (Supreme Representative), Knights of the Maccabees, Ancient Order of Foresters, Woodmen of the World, SOS, Modern Woodmen of America, and Baptist Church.”

Thanks to the Manitoba Historical Society for McArthur’s biography!

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