Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Found Foote Photo #5: Picnic in Assiniboine Forest, 1923

"The McLean family was very proud to have a photo taken by L.B. Foote.

Our grandmother, Janet McLean (second from the left in the middle row), came to Canada in 1912. When this family photo was taken at Assiniboine Park, she was engaged to our grandfather, Alexander Munro. Our grandfather, who was at this family get-together, was asked to join the family photo. However, he felt that since he hadn't officially joined the family through marriage yet, he shouldn't be included in the photo. Our grandparents married in the 1920s. Our mother, Margaret, was born in 1929.

John and Norman McLean (far left and far right, back row) came to Canada in 1911 to work for a newspaper in Regina. They left Regina to purchase a newspaper in Transcona. Originally the paper was called the Transcona Times. Later, they became the founders of The Elmwood Herald.

The rest of the family moved from Scotland to Transcona in 1912. The other two brothers, Robert and Archibald (far right and far left, middle row), worked at the Transcona Times. Our grandmother was a stenographer and her sister, Margaret (second from the right, back row), was a clerk for the CNR. Our great-grandfather, John McLean (third from right, back row), also worked for the CNR. Both Archie and Robert served during the First World War in France as did our grandfather, Alex."

Submitted by the family of Margaret and Ed Shaw:
Janet, Sandra, Margaret, Ed, and Irene

* * *

Thanks to Janet Shaw-Russell for sharing both this photo and the story behind the photo!

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  1. Priceless! Karsh came through Winnipeg in the '60's and took photos of "the Plant". I hope to track down a shot or two some day. You are so fortunate to have had Foote take such a great shot right here in Assiniboine Park! And what an industrious Family, making their own employment and creating jobs in the Community. This is 90 years ago, as Mom was born in 1923 and just celebrated her 90th - with a seizure, but even so! All the best of good health!


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