Monday, January 30, 2012

Favourite Foote Photos: Gerry Kopelow

This feels like the right moment to publicly reveal a secret I've carried for 62 years: I am, In Fact, L.B. Foote, reincarnated, right here, right now, back in my Beloved Winnipeg.

I chose the late 20th Century to come back because I was waiting for technology to develop to the point where I could carry on my exquisite obsession with photography of this very unusual city sans all that heavy, bulky, slow hardware I dutifully lugged around all those years through the unrelenting Prairie snow, mud, rain, dust, and wind.

Digital imaging is truly a gift from the Gods of Art.

All that being said, I am very pleased and proud to see my earlier work - originally produced under such difficult conditions - so respectfully preserved and presented.

I love photography, and I love all those images.

Every one of them tugs at my heart, stirring up Poignant Memories of people and situations of Great Interest to me and I hope all Manitobans.

Winnipeg and its inhabitants manifest a strange and wonderful creative energy which I found - and in my current life, continue to find - endlessly fascinating.

These archival works are my gift to my people, and my culture.

I submit a most sincere Thank You to everyone at University of Manitoba Press for the professionalism and kindness embodied in this undertaking.

Best Regards,
L. B. Foote
(a.k.a. Gerry Kopelow)

* * *
Gerry Kopelow is a widely published veteran photographer with extensive experience in advertising illustration, executive portraiture, editorial illustration, architectural photography, and photography of the performing arts.

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