Monday, January 23, 2012

Found Photo #1: Sacred Heart Parish Church

This email arrived in my inbox the day the article appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press:

"Hello, here is a scan of a Foote photo.

The image is of the altar boys of the former Belgian Sacred Heart Parish Church in St Boniface. The parish was located at 501 Plinquet Street in St. Boniface from 1917 until 1993. This photo was taken about 1920.

People in the photo:

1. Henry Van Elslander - he went on to be the first priest ordained from western Canada for the Belgian Capuchin Fathers.

2. John Van Buckenhout - born in 1908.

3. Father E. Kwakman - first priest of the parish from 1917-1928.

4. Jos. Verschaere

I was given the photo a few years ago from the daughter of John Van Buckenhout. Miss Louise Van Buckenhout was getting rid of things at the time.

I have no particular interest in old photos, I don’t collect them. I went to that church."

- Neil Pryce

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