Monday, January 2, 2012

Favourite Foote Photos: Jeff McKay

When Laszo Markovics and I were doing our film about L.B. Foote and L.L.FitzGerald we went through hundreds and hundreds of images.

Foote was a commercial photographer but he was had this absolutely out-of-left-field side to his work. He obviously had a real sense of humour, curiousity and theatricality.

Much of his work is so well done, well framed, exposed, executed and there are many photos which spring forth in my mind as favorites.

But this image of the two chickens captured atop a pedestal in front of a lit backdrop at the poultry show is a standout for me.

When I see it I think of the speed in which he worked with the equipment he had at the time.

Glass plates, exposures, and he did a lot of the printing himself.

This particular photo reveals how adept he was with his camera. He was a skilled technician and an artist.

And it's a kooky fun picture. I love it!

- Jeff McKay

* * *
Jeff McKay began making films in 1985. He has worked as a director, editor and cameraman. His films have sold and aired to broadcasters and played in festivals around the world. He loves Winnipeg and prairie people, places and stories.

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